Detox Wholesale

Detox Wholesale Variety

Detox drinks or body cleansers work by using a blend of herbs and minerals that help promote the body’s natural detox process. Some varieties come with one easy to drink formula while others come with a few drinks meant to be consumed over a few days with the addition of capsules of herbs in powdered form. There are also detox formulas that are a mouthwash meant to remove the contamination from the inside of your mouth and shampoos that remove the offending particles from your hair.

Why Do I Need Detox Products At My Shop?

Detox drinks and body cleansers of all kinds are an excellent addition to any shop's lineup. Your shop should always have a bunch stocked for the emergency that will surely arise in some of your customers’ lives. Herbal detox drinks and body cleansers are a quick sell when someone is looking to for a quick body cleanse.

Herbal Detox Drinks

These detox drinks are a great-tasting way to clean your body of unwanted toxins. MWI offers them from a variety of brands that have their own methods of consumption. Some are a one-time bottle to drink shortly before the test while others are a multi-day pure cleanse that also includes capsules full of herbs to help along with the cleanse. Generally, the multi-day herbal detox drinks work better than the others so if you have the time this is the best route. Otherwise, if you only have a few hours your best bet is an instant cleanse.

Detox Mouthwash

These specially formulated mouthwashes help to remove contaminants in the mouth. It will remove all contaminants and give you a clean result, so you can have peace of mind.

Detox Capsules

Detox capsules are another effective way to help get your body clean. These capsules are easy to take with no flavor and can be taken with a daily multivitamin. Capsules are not a quick fix, but work rather well when used in advance for a multi-day detox cleanse. They are also very effective when used in conjunction with drinks and other detox methods. If you need to be completely clear of toxins, then taking a capsule might just be the extra step needed.

Detox Shampoo / Soap

Soaps and shampoos are perfect to clean deep into hair follicles and get rid of unwanted toxins. They can clean out any worrisome contaminants and help to give you comfort with cleansed body hair. Don’t get caught off-guard and be sure to clean your hair as well as your internal body.

Detox Combo Packs

Some of our products are offered in multiple forms to get the best herbal body to cleanse possible. They even come with a variety of pills, mouthwash, and soap while others just have a drink and capsules. These can be excellent when you or your customer are unsure of which detox cleanse the customer needs to get rid of their unwanted toxins.

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Mike’s Worldwide Inc is your one-stop-shop for all your detox wholesale and body cleansers wholesale needs. We have everything you need from herbal detox drinks to body cleansers like soap that will help rid the body of toxins. This will bring customers to your shop from far and wide that have a desire to keep their bodies clean and clear. If you are looking for detox wholesale and/or body cleansers wholesale, then be sure to stop by MWI. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 713-771-7912 to find out more about our detox wholesale program.