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Your smoke shop, adult shop, or dispensary is not complete without an offering of herb grinders. Herb grinders allow you to grind your herb of choice up into an easy to use and convenient form that is a consistent texture with the dense nuggets or sharp points of stems removed. It makes it easier to roll into a dependable and even burning roll-up. It is also perfect for packing a vape with more surface area to feel the heat or just making for an overall more pleasant smoking experience out of the bowl, waterpipe, chillum, bat, or other pipe of your preference. Grinders can be used to finely shred herbs, flowers, leaves, and spices of your choice. This finer consistency of your end-product makes it great for cooking, baking, brewing, or smoking. Additionally, the consistent finely ground product is excellent when using an alcohol or oil extraction method to produce your own herbal tinctures because of the increased surface area of the ground product.

If you are looking for grinders wholesale, then be sure to check out Mike’s Worldwide Inc. We have the largest selection of herb grinders in every possible configuration made of every possible material for the lowest prices possible. Once you check out our selection you will not ever need another grinder distributor. We promise you the largest selection, the best prices, and the friendliest customer service. That’s the MWI way! Read on to find out more about our selection!

Uber Grinders

Our in-house grinder brand, Uber grinders, consists of the best grinders that money can buy. If you are looking for an awesome herb grinder for the best price around, then be sure to try our Uber line of grinders. They work better than the rest and the price is the most affordable you will find in the entire market. We offer Uber grinders in two-piece and four-piece models for your convenience with a variety of colors. Your customers will love their Uber grinder and you will love the profit margins.

Metal Three-Piece Grinders

These simple but stylish three-piece grinders are composed of durable metal that is built to last and is easy to clean. Three-piece grinders are less expensive than four-piece grinders but will still get the job done effectively. The herbs are placed into the top two halves and ground up between the teeth, and the finely-ground bits will fall onto the bottom tray through holes. From there, simply unscrew the bottom portion to access your finely ground herb. Interesting and eye-catching designs from the psychedelic to pop culture references will also ensure they fly off the shelves.

Metal Four-Piece Grinders

Although a bit pricier than their three-piece counterparts, a four-piece grinder can be an awesome addition to any veteran’s smoking kit. Four-piece grinders have the added benefit of an additional part below the grinding teeth— a fine mesh. This allows the very finely ground herb pollen to fall through onto the bottom plate separating it from the rest of the ground up herb. Once enough pollen is collected on the bottom plate it can be sprinkled on top of bowls or pre-rolls, compressed together for wax, used for tinctures, or used for other herbal-infused products. These four-piece herb grinders are sleek, stylish, and made from durable metal. We also offer grinders in a variety of colors and brands that your customers are sure to love.

Metal 4 Piece CNC Machined Grinders

CNC is a computer-controlled cutting process that creates precise high-quality metal. Your favorite grinder brands are often CNC metal, so you know CNC means quality! Our four-piece CNC grinders are laser etched with awesome designs such as mushrooms, the sun, the moon, and many more. This type of grinder is a customer favorite, especially for those looking for a grinder that really shows off their personality.

Plastic Grinders

Plastic grinders are a budget grinder option offered in two-piece and three-piece varieties. They are all constructed of hard plastic in a rainbow of colors while one variety even has a magnet embedded within the grinder to ensure the grinding halves stay together. They make an excellent addition to the counter space near the checkout register and are a fantastic impulse buy. Tons of people don’t know they need a grinder until they see one staring them in the face.

Wood Grinders

Wooden grinders are perfect for the nature lover or the hippie inside us all. Made of beautiful wood and metal pins, these grinders get the job done with that classic, sexy, and all-natural look. These are often harder to clean than other materials, but wood grinders remain a popular option among many herb grinder users. Our wood grinders are of the two-piece variety and make an excellent addition to your customer’s camping gear or outdoor pack.

Electric Grinders

Electric grinders are perfect for the techie, the lazy, and especially the time-saver. Electric grinders make quick work of grinding herbs without any effort other than the push of a button. You are left with a perfectly ground herb that is awesome for smoking, vaping, concentrates, or herbal infusion. Electric grinders are especially nice if you are grinding up large amounts of herbs at one time. Save your fingers and have electricity do the work for you. Electric grinders will also make an excellent addition to your shop and give your customers the variety they seek when it comes to grinders.

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