Scales Wholesale

Variety of Wholesale Scales

Scales are an excellent addition to any smoke shop, adult shop, or dispensary. They are an excellent way to offer variety in your shop, increase your margins, and an awesome way to upsell your customers. Many customers visit smoke shops every day looking for a scale for a variety of needs and having them available can make your shop a ton of money. Additionally, many customers that buy scales will also end up buying other products such as baggies, lighters, and other smoking accessories. If you are looking to buy scales wholesale, then be sure to check out Mike’s Worldwide Inc. for the largest selection on the market.

Why Buy Scales At MWI?

MWI is the best smoke shop distributor for your business with the largest selection and best prices in the smoke shop industry. Started in 2006, MWI is the premier smoke shop wholesaler and distributor located in Houston Texas. Our sales team consistently delivers the finest and friendliest service in the industry. With our 60,000 square foot warehouse and state of the art inventory management system, we offer the best in class service and variety that our customers deserve. If your business is seeking a high-quality distributor with the best selection of scales wholesale, then be sure to give us a try. MWI will quickly become the only smoke shop distributor you need allowing you to get everything you need in one place and stock your shop with a variety of accurate digital, ounce, gram, kilo, and lb. scales in small, medium, large, and pocket scale sizes. Read on to find out more about the scales wholesale that we offer.

AWS Scales

AWS is a popular brand of digital scales that has been a staple in the smoke shop industry for many years. They are accurate and reliable with scales rated for .01-gram, .1 gram, and 1-gram varieties for all your weighing needs. AWS makes some durable digital scales that will be sure to last you and your customers for years to come. MWI has a huge selection of AWS scales at some of the best prices in the entire industry.

Digital Scales

Digit Scales are an excellent budget scales option when looking for scales in the .1 gram range. Digit offers a variety of digital scales that come in a myriad of styles. Some are more compact than others making them an awesome pocket scale, while others are perfect for the table or desktop. MWI has a selection of Digit Scales to round out your digital scale offering.

Digitz Scales

Another awesome brand of digital scale is Digitz Scales that weighs in both .01 gram and .1 gram measurements. These are small and compact, making them the perfect option for a pocket scale. We have an excellent selection of Digitz scales at some of the best prices in the industry.

Double-Digit Scales

Double Digits Scales makes premium scales for use in the double digits. Weighing down to .01 grams, these scales are perfect for precise measurement. If you need something weighed down to the exact amount, get a Double Digits Scale and don’t chance it with another scale. Be precise with a scale from Double Digits. MWI offers a variety of Double Digits digital scales at a variety of price points that your shop needs. Stop by today to check out our selection.

Fuzion Scales

At MWI, we also carry an awesome selection of scales from the Fuzion Scales manufacturer. Offered in both .1 gram and .01-gram measurements, Fuzion Scales are another perfect option to boost your shop’s scales selection. With over 20 different Fuzion Scales models, we are sure to have just what you or your customer needs.

Triple-Digit Scales

When the ultimate in precision is needed, then you need a Triple Digits Scale. These scales weigh down to the .001 gram, making precise milligram measurements easy. Don’t risk it with a scale that can’t get you the measurement that you need. Your customers will also be happy that your shop has the accuracy that they require. Check out MWI for your own Triple Digits Scales for your shop.

Weighmax Scales

A leader in the digital scales industry, Weighmax digital scales can be used at home, in the kitchen, and beyond. Weighmax has a large variety of scales that come in the .001 grams, .01 grams, .1 grams, and 1 gram increments. With the unrivaled Weighmax options at MWI, you are sure to find a scale in the weight measurement, style, and color you want. MWI has over 50 styles of Weighmax digital scales to fit whatever use you need them for. Head over to our website to see the ultimate scales selection and outfit your shop with the scales you need to drive business to your shop.

Scale Calibration Weights

We also offer a wide selection of weights to calibrate your scales and make sure they are measuring accurately. Don’t second guess, always use a weight to calibrate.

The Only B2B You Need for Digital Scales

If you are looking for digital scales wholesale and pocket scales wholesale, then look no further than MWI. With our best in class selection, top-notch customer service, and best prices in the industry, we are the only smoke shop distributor you will ever need. We ship nationwide and have a convenient walk-in location located off Beltway 8 and Harwin Drive in Houston, Texas. If you are close, we invite you to check out our warehouse. Whether your shop is near or far, we encourage you to reach out to us about our wholesale program. With MWI, you will be confident that your shop is always stocked with the best products at the best prices. Contact us today to experience the MWI difference.