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MWI Smoking Accessories Wholesale

Any smoke shop, adult shop, vape shop, dispensary, or other adult novelty store would do well with a variety of smoking accessories. Things like ashtrays, lighters, pipe cleaners, incense, pipe screens, air fresheners, and scales are awesome money-makers. Smoking accessories are commonly bought with smoking pipes, so you will grab extra sales if you sell more accessories. Many customers will return repeatedly for certain accessories, while other customers will walk in for an ashtray and leave with an entire vaping rig. Accessories add value to your shop and help to increase your margins.

If you are looking for a quality smoke shop wholesale supplier for smoking accessories, then be sure to check out Mike’s Worldwide Inc. We have a 60,000 square foot warehouse packed to the brim with smoke shop accessory products at amazing prices. Not only do we offer you the biggest selection to outfit your smoke shop or similar business, but we also pride ourselves in having the best customer service in the industry. Check out the MWI difference today as we ship nationwide and have a convenient physical location off Beltway 8 and Harwin Drive for those smoke shops in the Houston, Texas area. MWI will quickly become the only smoking accessories wholesaler you will ever need.

 Check out some of the essential products that we offer for your shop below:

Air Fresheners

Get rid of nasty odors and lingering smoke with our huge selection of high-quality air fresheners. Many customers come into smoke shops looking for something to make the air a little more breathable and you can be sure to provide them with what they need. Our selection includes popular brands such as Ozium and Smoke Buddy.

Incense in Bulk

Another fantastic way to make your house or shop smell awesome is incense. Incense has been popular for thousands of years and will remain popular for their ability to lift the spirit and rid an area of obnoxious smells. MWI has a huge selection of burners, holders, electric warmers, wax melts, cones, and traditional stick incense. Stop by and check out our offerings with over a hundred different aromas to choose from.


At MWI, we have an unbelievable assortment of ashtrays for sale from stand-up models to those that are placed onto a table. They come in a wide variety of colors and configurations as well to suit all tastes and all styles. Also, they come in a variety of materials such as glass, polystone, silicone, and more. Every smoker needs an ashtray, and these can be a great impulse buy for your shop. Grab yours from MWI today!


MWI has a mind-bogglingly large selection of lighters for sale in bulk. We offer the traditional disposable variety as well as electronic, pocket torch, and tabletop torch offerings. On top of that, we have accessories such as lighter leashes, sleeves, and lighter butane. Be sure to never run out of lighters with our huge selection at Mike’s Worldwide.

Pipe Accessories

We have all the pipe accessories your shop will ever need. Pipe cleaners, screens, bags, and a variety of parts in rubber, plastic, and wood are available at MWI. Never fall short of your accessory offering by stocking up on our impressive selection.

Zip Bags

MWI has a massive selection of zip bags for all your bagging needs. We carry brand names such as Stink Sack and Goodie Bags as well as a huge variety of non-branded zip bags sorted by size, color, and designs. MWI has everything you need to outfit your shop with a huge assortment of baggies for all your customer’s needs.

Safe Cans

Are your customers looking for somewhere to hide their secret stash of valuables? Give them the best hiding places with our vast assortment of safe cans. These cans are designed to look like household cleaning products, automotive products, or even a soda can. Hide your valuables like money, jewelry, and more—right in plain sight! The look and weight of these products can fool even the most scrupulous of individuals. Safe cans are great prank gifts as well as discreet hiding places for your valuables.


For the largest selection of scales in the smoke shop industry, stop by MWI. We have some of the best brands at the lowest prices available on the market. Scales are a hot ticket item that many customers actively seek out in smoke shops. Check us out and see why we are the only scale distributor that you will ever need.

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As you can see, MWI is your one-stop-shop for smoking products and just about everything that you need for your shop. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us and let us know what new hot products we should start selling. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 713-771-7912 to find out more about our wholesale smoking accessories program. We have the largest selection of smoke shop accessories to help your business grow. Contact us or stop by to find out how MWI can help keep your shop stocked with the best products. We would love to hear from you and look forward to doing business together.