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MWI Wholesale Vaporizers

The biggest thing to hit the smoking scene in recent years is vaping. Vaping of herbs and nicotine is generally regarded as a healthier and safer alternative to smoking. Because of this, it has taken the world by storm and many people are vaping a variety of products. Vape products and accessories are a sure-fire way to attract business and make some money in your shop. If you are looking for a quality vape distributor and vape wholesaler then be sure to check out Mike’s Worldwide Inc.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Pick out your herb of choice, load it into these, and puff away without the harmful smoke and carcinogens of traditional smoking. You can still taste the amazing flavor while getting the effects that you are looking for. Dry herb vaporizers are very popular products these days with many people getting away from the act of smoking and moving on to something a little less damaging. One huge bonus of dry herb vaporizers is that you can use the herbs after they get vaped and put them directly into oil, butter, or alcohol for an herbal infusion.

Oil, Wax & Concentrate Vapes

Sometimes referred to as a dab rig, concentrate vapes are perfect for vaping oil and wax concentrates. These vape types are also insanely discreet, and many fit perfectly inside the palm of your hand or your pocket. Concentrate vaporizers are so popular because they are affordable, effective, portable, and discreet. At MWI, we have a huge selection of oil and wax concentrates vaporizers to outfit your shop with the best choices at the best prices.

E-Liquid & Nic-Salt Vaporizers

These are the more traditional vapes that are used for the consumption of nicotine products such as e-liquids and nicotine salts. There has been a massive uptick in the popularity of these devices as people move from smoking tobacco to other methods of nicotine consumption. There are even many stories of users quitting cigarettes altogether with the use of these products. They make an excellent addition to smoke shops and even vape-only shops have popped up from the huge growth within this industry. Be sure to add E-liquid and NIC Salt vaporizers to your shops offering and watch the dollar signs come rolling in.

Pod System Vaporizers

Pod vaporizer systems are the newest craze in the vaping world. These easy to use pods are bought full of e-liquid or filled with your own. They are easy to use and swap out with other flavors or concentrations of nicotine. Pod systems make it easy for new vapers to get in on the action or to maybe quit smoking traditional tobacco. At MWI, you can score a bunch of different but equally awesome pod systems to offer to customers of your shop.

Vape Accessories

We also carry a wide assortment of vape batteries and chargers in tons of styles and colors. Outfit your shop with our awesome selection and the best prices to be sure that you have something for every customer that walks through the door. Additionally, we carry a huge selection of vape tanks and coils to suit your needs. In fact, our vape accessory collection is unmatched by any other vape distributor or vape wholesaler in Texas. Check out how we can help to ensure the best quality stuff is always in your shop.

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If you are looking for vaporizers wholesale, then be sure to give Mike’s Worldwide a shot. We are the best vape wholesaler and vape distributor with the largest selection in the industry. Come and experience the MWI difference and eliminate the need for multiple vape wholesale distributors. We are your one-stop-shop to service your smoke shop, vape shop, dispensary, or adult shop. Contact us today at [email protected] or call us at 713-771-7912 to find out more about our wholesale program. Better yet, if you are in the Houston area, please stop on by and speak with one of our friendly reps. We look forward to hearing from you!