Pipes, Waterpipes and Hookahs

Pipes, Waterpipes and Hookahs Selection

The core of any smoke shop is an awesome selection of glass water pipes, glass chillums, glass spoons, glass bubblers, hookahs, glass bongs, and other popular smoking accessories. These also make an excellent addition to any smoke shop, dispensary, convenience store, and any other adult-oriented store where smoking accessories are sold. Why send your customer to another shop for a smoking implement when you can provide them with everything they need in one place? If you are looking for glass water pipes wholesale or wholesale hookah supplies, then Mike’s Worldwide is the water pipe wholesale distributor that you have been looking for! Our vast selection of smoking supplies is the one place you will have to go for everything you need. MWI is your one-stop-shop for all smoking accessories, so you can stop buying from multiple vendors with a lackluster supply and shop MWI today! Give MWI a shot and see what the biggest and best smoke shop distributor in Texas can do for you.

Largest Selection Of Waterpipes & Hookahs in Texas

With our enormous warehouse, we proudly boast the largest selection of glass and acrylic pipes in Texas. Anything that you or your customer are looking for we have or can have in stock. If there is anything you are looking for but do not see, reach out to us. We are always here to help our customers find the best product for their needs. Read on to find out more about the wholesale water pipes and many more products that we offer.

Glass & Wooden Bats

We offer a variety of bats in glass, metal, and wood. Bats are a popular option when your customers are seeking a small and discreet option to fit in their pocket. The plus side is they are cheap, so it also makes them relatively disposable. Bats are an excellent way to bring a smoking piece on a road trip or hiking trip while leaving your big rigs at home. A good selection of bats will make any shop a good profit.


With the popularity of concentrates and dabbing these days, many customers are searching for a reliable dab rig. Our selection of concentrate smoking products is unrivaled when compared to other smoke shop distributors. If you are looking for a huge selection, then be sure to check us out. We have everything you need to round out your concentrate smoking selection.

Glass Bubblers

At MWI, we have a wide selection of the best glass bubblers on the market. Our glass bubblers come in so many shapes and styles, you will want to carry everything for your shop. Glass bubblers are highly sought after by smokers as it helps to filter the smoke and make it less likely to make you cough after a hit. Glass bubblers are an excellent product that moves extremely fast in the smoke shop industry.

Glass Chillums

Chillums are like a bigger version of a bat. Instead of one hit per bowl, the bowl is big enough to put a little bit more of the product in. These are also another excellent way to remain a bit more discreet than a more traditional spoon or even a waterpipe. Glass chillums are extremely popular amongst smokers who want something that fits into their pocket, but a little fancier and capable of holding more than a bat.

Glass Spoons

Glass spoons are the classic bowl in the classic material. Glass spoons are what most people think of when you say a bowl or glass hand pipe. Everyone knows that glass is the premier material to smoke out of since it allows you to taste the herb the most. These spoons come in all shapes and sizes and MWI has a massive selection of them. They easily fly out of the door with their classic style and versatility of use.


MWI has an insane amount of hookah products and accessories. Everything you need to stock and supply hookah enthusiasts in your area can be found in our warehouse. We have all the hookahs, charcoal, shisha, and accessories to keep your customers coming back for me. Check out our massive selection and you will never look elsewhere for hookah supplies again.


Hand pipes at MWI come in just about every material you can think of. We have one of the largest selections of pipes made from metal, silicone, wood, and many more. If you have any doubt, please check out our selection and see for yourself. Once you get set up with us you will never need another smoke shop vendor for pipes.


Just like our pipes, we have a vast selection of waterpipes, also called water pipes, made from almost every material you can think of. Glass, acrylic, ceramic, and many more are available from our huge selection. Waterpipes are wildly popular with smokers, so these will be a hot ticket item and surely drive traffic to your building. Outfit yourself with the best selection of waterpipes at MWI today.

Uber Glass

MWI’s in-house brand Uber Glass is an excellent choice when looking for high-quality glass smoking products at a great price. We offer many different varieties of pipes, including spoons, bubblers, bats, water pipes, and many more. Uber Glass is an extremely affordable product that can stock your shop while also retaining a huge profit margin. If you are looking for great deals then be sure to check out our awesome line of glass smoking products offered from MWI.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our wholesale program, be sure to reach out to us at [email protected], give us a call at 713-771-7912, or stop by our convenient walk-in location located off Beltway 8 and Harwin Drive in Houston, Texas. We are proud to be the biggest and best smoke shop distributor in Texas with shipping nationwide. Our deals and customer service are unmatched in the industry. Contact us today to find out about the MWI difference.