What We Sell

Wholesale Smoke Shop Supplies

At MWI you will find everything you need to stock your smoke shop, adult shop, or convenience store with the latest products. Mike's Worldwide prides itself on carrying a huge selection of inventory in a variety of categories. We are the biggest smoke shop wholesaler in the state of Texas. We carry ten thousand plus unique products and well over 200 different brands. Chances are if you are looking to stock a smoke shop product we have it!

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Take a look at our most popular product categories and the many smoke shop products we carry! Please remember we only sell our products wholesale so we do not compete with you or the smoke shop supply distributors we service. If you can not find something in our product lineup that you would like to see let us know and we will look at possibly adding it to our  line up if there is enough demand.

Air Fresheners: Ozium, Smokebuddy

Ashtrays: Fujima, Striko

Detox: Zydot, Rescue, High Voltage, Ultimate Gold, Stinger, Purity Labs

Disposable Vapes: POP Bar, Sea Stix, Fantasia, Hyppe Bar, Draw Bar

Grinders: Uber, Medtainer, Dealz, Wakit, Chromium Crusher

Hookahs: BYO, Amira, Inhale Gangsta Hookahs

Incense: Wildberry, Nag Champa

Lighters, Torches, & Creamers: Bic, Clipper, Blink, Special Blue, Whip-It

Papers: RAW, High Hemp, Juicy Jay’s, Randy’s, King Palm, Elements

Pipes & Waterpipes: Uber, Helix, OG Chillum, Waxmaid, Fashioncraft

Scales: WeighMax, AWS, Fuzion

Storage: Tight Pac, Secret Safes, 420 Science Jars, safe can variety

Test Kits: Utest, Reditest

Urine Fetish: Quick Fix, Whizzard, Whizzinator, Serious Monkey Business

Vaporizers: JUUL, Randy’s, Ooze, Puffco, White Rhino, Yocan

Zip Bags: Mylar, Goodie